Thursday, September 17, 2015

Morrow Project Lot for sale


Contact: if interested.


The Morrow Project RPG 3rd edition
Liberation at Riverton
Operation Lucifer
Ruins of Chicago (newer printing with color cover)
Prime Base
Fall Back

Personal and Vehicular Basic Loads and Hand-To-Hand Combat System

Two copies of the Project Director's Screen.
One nice and clean with the three inserts.
One dirty and more used, no inserts.

Restricted Morrow Project Identity Package dated 1981
Envelope (although moisture has sealed part of it) is empty.
Morrow Industries/Morrow Project Security Classifications list is included.
Morrow Industries MP Form 1D is missing.

Morrow Project Body Percentage Breakdown Chart
Rather old but in great condition, pages have yellowed.  Old print style, not sure on date.  Unsure if this was a release, part of an old package or something given away by company.

Black folder with Restricted MP stickers that used to be on Abacus Dimension releases for Morrow Project on both sides.  Again not sure if this was a release or something home made. 

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