Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Conspiracy X lot for sale

Conspiracy X lot for sale.

Cost: $50 plus shipping costs.  Contact:


Conspiracy X 1st edition core book.  Slight water damage at the bottom of back cover, with some staining along the bottom.

Conspiracy X 2nd edition.  Like new.

Bodyguard of Lies 2: Mokole

Aegis Handbook


Introductory Kit 16 page booklet. 

Not wanting to buy print copies?  You can find them at:

Eden Studios on DrivethruRPG.

Eden Studios on RPGNow.

Also be sure to check out the 'game sales' tag at the bottom of this post to see what else I have listed up for sale on my blog.


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  3. WoW ! :, Mokole is now some kind of Urban Legend. I took a copy a long time ago by sheer luck !