Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Essential Guide to Potions and Oils.

Second Thought games recently complete their second Kickstarter and delivered the pdf and print copies to their backers.  Liber Elixirium: The Essential Guide to Potions and Oils is now available to the general public (they like their backers to have it first). They have really gone out of their way to make this book as good as they could. 

The book is a made to resemble a text book for student potion makers.  Covering the necessary tools needed to do the work, information about the ingredients and plenty of potions and their recipes on how to brew them up.  There are no game system mechanics present as it's meant to be system neutral.

Here is the original Kickstarter for the book.

They did a lot right on their Kickstarter.  The book was written before they started, offered a nice preview, constant contact with backers and listened to their feedback, some of which changed the appearance of the book.  Also they went with sensible stretch goals in the form of upgrades to the printing quality of the book.  Then delivered the pdf on time and the print book was only a couple weeks late.  Which might as well be considered early when it comes to RPG projects.

It's available in pdf at the usual places.  Also the special edition leather bound version is available at their site.

Find it on Drivethrurpg here.
Find it on RPGNow here.
Find the print copy here.

They have also released some alternate potion affects and list showing the potions OGL equivalent on their site for free downloads.  Along with doing a video on how to 'age' your book to make it look worn and used.

Find the downloads here.
Watch the video on Youtube here.

Not to be setting on their haunches and enjoying the success of a Kickstarter they are working on more future releases.  The first is an adventure called "City of the Lich" which can be used as a follow up to their previous release "Ryubix Manor" or dropped into any existing campaign and is already up on Kickstarter.  Along with a companion book to go beside Liber Elixirium called: Liber Venificii: The Essential Guide to Poisons and Venoms. 

Find the City of Lich Kickstarter here.

Looking forward to seeing both of these products in the future.

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