Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Little Fears - Hand me downs

This is a collection of hand me downs I made for Little Fears some years ago.  This is before Nightmare Edition.... long before actually.  So the writing may be a bit rough around the edges as I'm just copy pasting from an old file.  Hope somebody gets a bit of use out of these.

The Old Remote

This is an old remote for a no longer used television or other electrical appliance. With the power of a child’s belief behind it this old button box becomes a very useful tool. When used it can operate nearly any electrical device that is within site. Garage doors, televisions, alarms, cars, etc. So when you absolutely need to wake up everyone in the neighborhood you simply aim it out the window at the nearest car and set off the alarm. Maybe open the garage door a bit so you can slide under it in order to get away from a nasty beastie that is right on your tail. Even set off the television to act as a distraction or to hide the noise of your own movement. The possibilities are endless.

Toy Phones

Nice plastic phones with a bit of rope that connects to the base. Four little wheels on the bottom so it can be drug around and a rotary dial that doesn’t do a return spin. These things can be a godsend when it comes to calling in some help or warning others.
First you need to identify you phone by giving it a number. This is done by taking a crayon of your favorite color and writing it on the bottom. Now when anybody else with a Toy Phone that also has a number dials up yours they connect to each other. It’s time to give Jerry across the street a ring and let him know that there is something on his roof looking in his window.

Grandpa’s Coffee Cup

Grandpa was the greatest person you have ever known. He was always there for you when you needed him. He always had a few quarters in his pocket ‘tucked away for a special day’ when the ice cream truck came along. Every morning he would get up and drink a few cups of coffee and then you and he would be off. That morning cup would always get him going. Now that he’s gone that cup is still setting there on the shelf waiting to be used.
If it got grandpa going then it should get you going also, or at least reinvigorate you when things have gotten a little rough. Drinking out of the cup restores a level of health and can be used once in the morning, afternoon and evening. Also if drank from when you are first waking up it clears your head and gives you a boost of energy (+1 to all your die rolls).

Dad’s Pocket Knife

You remember back before your Dad went away. He used to spend every moment he could with you. He always carried one thing with him everywhere he went. His pocketknife. It always seemed to come in handy every time you turned around. Cutting fishing line, carving your name in a tree and other such things. When he was no longer there you found his knife tucked in a drawer in your Mom’s room, it never leaves you wherever you go anymore.
This allows you to cut through anything you need to. It’ll slice a door open, tear the skin of that thing that sticks it’s arms out from under your bed and even cut that metal barb wire that raises up out of the backyard from time to time.

Witch's Mirror

An old metal handled mirror. The handle and back is of ornate design containing all sorts of symbols such as pentagrams, stars, moons and such. Well over a foot long and never seems to get dirty. The mirror surface is circle shaped.
Anything a child sees in the mirror is shown in its true form. Thus illusions and other deceptions are useless. Any human possessed by a King shows up with that Kings features mixed with their own.

Rumors abound among those who have seen this item, or ones similar, that it is also linked to the mirrors possessed by the King of Pride but the truth is unknown.

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