Monday, March 3, 2014

WoW - Back to the old game

Due to my work schedule, my kids and just life in general I haven't been able to make much time to do any tabletop role-playing lately.  So to give myself a bit of escapism I've fired World of Warcraft back up after about a year and a half away.  Yes I know there are other MMORPGs out there on the market but WoW is the one I know how to play and I already have quite a few characters built up and gold accumulated in their pocketbooks. 

Been playing more Horde this time around over on the Misha server.  Doing a lot of battlegrounds again, racking up some honor kills.  If anyone is interested the toon I've been using over there is Leadwood and here is a link to his Armory page:

Leadwood - Blood Elf Hunter

Probably be putting up some new articles for it as well here soon.  Mixed in with some articles for regular rpgs as well. 

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