Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hearthstone - Big Game Hunter

This is one of those cards that has saved my behind on a few occasions.  Or at least bought me an extra round or two until my demise.  So it's got a spot in several of my decks as fast solution to the other player dropping a big bad right when you don't need it.

The overall goal is to hold on to this guy until he's needed.  Don't be tempted to drop him down when his Battlecry is useless, even though he's a decent price for a 4/2.  Keep him in your hand for just the right moment to eliminate a large or pumped up minion that will be causing you much trouble the next round.

He's not a fit for every deck as some already have built in solutions for powerful minions in their class cards.  Although sometimes he may be better cost wise as he takes out the target and is still a 4/2 on your side of the table afterwards. 

One good combo for this card is the Youthful Brewmaster.  Allowing you to pull the Big Game Hunter back into your hand for a second hit.  With their low mana costs you could drop him twice in a round and really knock the wind out of your opponents sails.  There are other cards that pull your minions back into your hand but not at this low of a cost.

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