Friday, December 6, 2013

WaRP mods for Question of Faith

Been working on my own setting using the WaRP OGL from Atlas Games.  The setting is fantasy so I've had to make a few modifications to the WaRP system since it was originally designed for a modern conspiracy game (Over the Edge).  Below are the few changes I've made so far to the combat section.

First up is the Damage Factors.  Had to spread them out a bit to give a bit of variety to melee weapons. 

Damage Factors

Unarmed                                              X1
Throwing Knife                                   X1
Knives, clubs, thrown axe, crossbow  X2
Swords, axes, etc                                 X3
Large Swords, axes, etc                       X4

After that I had to modify the armor rules for pretty much the same reason.

Type                  Rating                Penalty

Heavy cloth       1 point                    no
Leathers             1                            no
Chain                 1 plus bonus die    no
Partial plate        2                           yes
Full plate mail    2 plus bonus die   yes

And then finally shields.  Had to come up with something since rules for them don't exist in the WaRP SRD at all.


Shields are a special case in armor since they don't reduce damage but instead have a chance in preventing it. They also come in two sizes; small and large.

VS Missile combat. Shields add defense dice as 'cover'. Small providing 1 die and large providing 2 die. This is if the defender states they are using them for cover.

VS Melee combat. If the player states they are using them in combat they provide the following affects, otherwise they are simply strapped to their backs and provide nothing. Small shields add one die to your defense roll. Large shields add two dice to your defense roll but also add a penalty die to your attack roll as well. 

Anybody familiar with WaRP have any opinions on these.  Haven't had a chance to playtest any of it yet since it's been rather busy leading into the holidays and I've overtime at work mot of the time.  Lets hear your opinions.

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