Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cyberpunk Sunday 2.021 - Firefighting, medical and fashion.

First up is an article that was sent to me and should have been in last weeks CS.  However my brain isn't in tip top shape so it slipped my mind.  Anyways here is a piece of tech in progress designed to be used by fireman.  It allows them to see through smoke along with a display giving them vital information.  Something they could really use.  Of course once this tech is up and running there are all sorts of other uses that it could be used for.  No idea how far along the path it is to being finished.

See through smoke firemans helmet.

Next is a set of glasses (they look more like goggles right now if you ask me) for the medical field.  Allowing the wearer to see though the skin of their patient to give them a good view of their veins and arteries.  Wish they had these the last time I had a blood sample taken as they always seem to miss the first few tries.....

Glasses that see through skin.

Finally we'll end with a little bit of fashion.  How about a light up hoodie with multiple light combinations.  Yeah I wouldn't wear one but I can see why some would like it. 

Light up 'technomancer' hoodie.

Hope to see you with another installment next week. 

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