Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cyberpunk Sunday 2.006

Bioengineering is moving along at quite a rapid pace. While this is a success story it does have a sad ending. A toddler was grown a trachea using her own stem cells and plastic fiber. The surgery and procedure were both a successful but the child died a few months later from other complications in her health. It does show the progress being made in the field.

Read the article on io9 here.

The passing of one of the most famous 'white hat' hackers. Barnaby Jack was known for being able to hack just about anything and forcing the tech industry to upgrade their security and protective countermeasures on several computerized devices. Although there is a lot of speculation and conspiracy talk surrounding his death there has been nothing in the form of solid evidence... yet.

Rest in peace Barnaby Jack.

Finally last but not least the Internet Map. While not really super useful it is an interesting representation of the biggest and most influential sites out there and those that are connected to them. It's also color coded by country along with a few other tidbits in the 'about' section. Enjoy.

Give the Internet Map a look here.

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