Friday, December 28, 2012

The 'Death Box'.

Okay been reading a bit about a game called Tenra Bansho Zero lately, it's one of those games I want to pick up but I have a hard time justifying it since I don't know if the usual group of players I have will want to play it. Been hearing a bit about one specific mechanic, the same mechanic that seems to drive a certain group of hobby factionists up the wall.

If you don't have the 'Death Box' ticked on your character sheet your character can not die. If they run out of damage boxes or whatever, they are unconcious or helpless. Thus making it where they can be captured or what not. It seems to be a decent piece of genre immulation in the rules.

Was thinking of an optional version of that rule that would also be capturing the genre. During any conflict scene at least one players at the table has to have their charactes 'Death Box' ticked. Thus giving the chance that at least one character may not make it. It still gets rid of the total party kills that you really don't see in most animes but you do see a lot of battles in which one person out of the main group dies.

At least with the death box you also don't have the 'fight to the death' thing that so many players do. Never letting themselves be captured and stuff like that. So much gaming can take place in the form of making an escape and running for freedom.

Anyways just my random thoughts at the moment.

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