Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blood Drinker character class - Red Box D&D

This is a character class for my dark fantasy setting currently titled "City State of Kainis".  It uses the Dungeons & Dragons red box edition as it's base system.  Two other classes coming soon are the Ravager and the Blood Mage. 

Poison Drinker


Poison Drinkers are a section of the cult that runs the Kainis Empire. They are specialized fighters who are more trained in stealth and attacking from the shadows rather than facing the enemy head on. They are also the assassins of the organization due to their use and resistance to poisons. Whenever they are wounded in a fight, every drop of blood they shed is a danger to their opponents.

Chosen at a young age from the populace of the Empire they are picked due to their excellent health and specific physical attributes. They must be of the peak of physical perfection just to survive the rites they will undertake. Starting on their first day they will be given a very diluted and weak version of the most toxic poisons known. It will cause days of sickness and severe pains, many will not survive this initial dosage. Those that do are accepted into the group for training and begin a monthly regiment of ingesting the poison, each time in a very slightly higher toxic level than before.
As a result they develop a very high resistance to poisons, some completely useless against them. It also causes their blood to become poisonous itself and can be used as such. They also develop a slight sickly look, sunken eyes, thin features and sunken cheeks. Their physical prowess is completely unaffected.

However they must continue to take a monthly dose (or more commonly a smaller weekly dose) of the base poison. Otherwise they begin to fall ill and lose a point of Constitution every month as their body begins to die with the toxin it has become addicted to. This is the practice that has led to their names as they usually mix the rather nasty tasting poison with a drink when they ingest it.
Poison Drinker Saving Throw Table
Poison Drinkers get a different Saving Throw vs poison due to the amount of poison in their blood. So the Death Ray or Poison number is divided by a slash, the fist is vs Death Ray and the second is vs Poison.

13/8 – Death Ray or Poison
14 – Magic Wands
13 – Paralysis or Turn to Stone
16 – Dragon Breath
15 – Rods, Staves, or Spells
Poison Drinker Experience Table

XP Level Title

0 - 1 -  Initiate
1400 -  2 - Initiate
2600 -  3 - Acolyte

Other Details
Prime Requisite: A Poison Drinkers PR is Dexterity. If a Poison Drinker has a Dexterity score of 13 or more, the character gains a bonus to Experience Points earned in every adventure.

Hit Dice: 1D6
Armor: Poison Drinkers may only wear Leather or Chain armor, and may not use a shield.
Weapons: A Poison Drinker may use any missile weapon, and any other weapon usable with one hand.
Special Abilities
Backstabbing – Same as a Thief.
Climb Walls – Same as a Thief.

Hear Noise – Same as a Thief.

Hide in Shadows – Same as a Thief.
Move Silently – Same as Thief.
Poisoned Blood – A Poison Drinker may apply their blood to a weapon or lace food and water with it. If a weapon is used then whenever they successfully hit the target must make a save vs poison or take additional damage equal to the level of the Poison Drinker. If ingested the blood is extremely potent and the a save vs poison is required to avoid taking a D4 of damage for every level of the Poison Drinker. Even on a successful save the target is still sick for a number of days equal to the level of the Poison Drinker.


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