Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cyberpunk Sunday 2.003 - Biotech

This Sunday we are getting three links that are more geared to the biotech range of things. The three links below show some amazing leaps in the technology and a bit of dreaming on where they may lead. Gives you much to think about. That and all three have something to do with mice or rats.

Artificial Wombs

Artificial wombs that allow us to grow human embryos have been a pretty good staple in a lot of scifi type fiction. Even one episode of the old show Max Headroom uses the idea (Baby Growbags). So of course there would be those working to make these things a reality. So far they've had success in created these wombs to grow mice embryos and they aren't stopping there. One day we may have people who have a birth tank instead of a normal mother and father.

Brain in a dish flies plane

Biological brains at the center of a drones controlling their flights. This is another one starting to take form in the world of science. This time they've made a small brain using rat neurons, basically grew it over a electrode grid. Evidently they've already got it hooked to a flight simulator and the thing is controlling some very basic functions. But the possibilities of what this could lead to is staggering to thing about.

Artificial Jellyfish made from rat cells and silicone

This one is a few weeks old but I had to include it. Using the ingredients of rat heart muscles and a thin silicone film they have created a jellyfish like creation that can pump itself through the water when it is given an electric current. Now the thing isn't an actual fully living creature but the steps in that direction are present. Plus it also shows just how much you can stretch and use the various bits of a creature to create something completely unlike it.

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