Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cyberpunk Sunday 2.002 - Society trends.

Todays Cyberpunk Sunday will take a look at society, how various tech advances affect it, where it may be going and other such musings. Let's get started shall we?

Twitter rumor increases oil costs.

How about a rumor affecting the global cost of products? Because this is exactly what happened. A rumor that spread like wild fire through twitter and then various other social networks helped to spark a panic that led to a global increase in the price of oil. The rumor itself was that the president of Syria had died which would have led to more instability in the Middle East. Eager to jump on anything that could be used as an excuse for a price hike the speculators quickly got the price of oil to jump by more than a dollar a barrel. All over a bit of bullshit.

Hacker wipes out Wired reporter

One of the staples of the cyberpunk movement, fiction and ideology is the hacker. This time one who smooth talks his way through a few hurdles to get a reporters private information and then goes on a deletion spree with his stored information. The Wired reporter got a quick lesson on how in-twined all of our various arms in the net are and if one is broken down then it can usually give them access to others.

Political Prostitution

This wonderful little website takes a look at the buying and selling of politicians in the US. How simply they can just buy their opinions and stances on various issues. Nothing like a whole lot of corporate corruption in the law makers of the 'free' world is there? They even name victims and perpetrators in this ongoing lesson of how much people will sell themselves for.

Cyberpunk Evolution

Finally a very well written little blog article on the signs of our own growth into a cyberpunk world. Starting off mentioning a roleplaying game idea and then quickly moving off into actual real world details about the way things are going and where they may end up. Not to mention a list of references at the end to top it off as a way more professional article than what most online 'news' sites ever offer up.

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