Sunday, April 10, 2011

System post...

I want a system that is simple. So a few things I won't be doing first.

No hit points by location. No armor coverage areas. Hell no hit loation chart at all. No Palladium style list of a ton of skills. No multple breakdowns of a skill so it become more than one skill. No multiplication or division of anything greater than single digit numbers.

I remember back when things like this weren't in the games I played. Then I kept creeping into complexity and 'realism'. I don't want that anymore. Now all I want is something that can take care of the random stuff pretty quick and get it over with so the game can move along. If I ever run another combat encounter in a game that lasts for an hour or more I'm gonna scream.

Not going to mire in endless little details. That arm is cybernetic now so it has a bit of an armor rating, a chance of messing up and some stat mods.... yeah I don't think so. If I run a cyberpunk game nearly all of the cyberware is going to be flash. All those ammo types and gun mods... yeah flash. Tripped out sword with serated edges and ... yeah flash also.

Basically I'm putting these blocks in my way so I have to build my system up to them. Not around, no sneaky system twist that works just like armor by location but isn't exactly it. These blocks are solid.

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