Monday, April 11, 2011

Astoria and Aedarius

Astoria, the Goddess of Life and her brother Aedarius, the God of Death. It makes sense for a Goddess to represent life since women are the ones who bring life into the world. All the while having a male represent death makes sense also since they are the ones who wage war and bring much death upon the world.

Astoria has the healers, the clerics and the caregivers. Commonly wearing white robes are very light armor that is polished to a mirror finish. The only weapon she carries is a dagger that is said to be used to cut the cord whenever a new progeny of the Gods is birthed. Clerics commonly carry two or three, each with a set purpose (child birth, defense and for eating).

Aedarius is usually shown as a hunter dressed in black leathers with a bow always in his hand. When one dies a common saying is to say they 'Caught the arrow of Aedarius'. Also at his side is a sword that is said to be used to issue his commands to his warriors.

The dress in white and black are to show the two sides of the world that no one can escape.

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