Wednesday, June 16, 2010

EoP entry

Okay been trying to work it out a bit and I think that the characters race will not be a trait. Simply doesn't work for balance and with humans not having any real set specialties it makes it a drag for their players. So Race will get it's own spot on the sheet.

So now to rethink the traits just a little. One trait will be your training package from Meny of course. Signs for this shouldn't be to tough from something as simple as your PC wearing their ID badge all the time or the bussiness op always wearing a suit in non-combat situations.

This opens the other two up for more character diversity.

So my old bussiness ops traits would be something like this:

Bussiness Package. Sign - Bussiness Suits
Trained by a Contract Killer. Sign - Physically fit with a workout routine
Born Leader. Sign - Always trying to take charge and organizing everything

Next I'll start looking at Flaws.

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