Monday, June 14, 2010

Edge of Progress entry one

Been running a conversion through my head here lately. Taking Sla Industries (crunchy system with lots of stats and combat rules) and converting it to Over the Edge (system lite with fast resolution rules). Sounds like taking a Hot Dog and making a Kiwi out of it right? Well the original authors always said Sla wasn't about big guns and killing things but about the horror and conspiracy angle. But the rules made one believe otherwise. Of course a good crunchy combat system was still some what of the norm at the time the game came out. So I'm going to gut the combat beast and see if I can squeeze it into a smaller jar.

Where I see some problems. Ebb powers, straight up going to be a bitch getting it down to fit the streamlines of OtE. Probably going to have to bulk up the simple system for it just a bit.

But first off is Traits. In OtE you get three. A superior and two side traits to be exact. Your superior is supposed to be who you are and what you are about. But that's in a game world of (mostly) humans. In Sla you have a few majorly different races running about and which one you are is really important. So we'll make the Superior Trait your race.

The second trait will be your training package. Anything you may have recieved training for in Meny you would use this trait as it's score.

The third would be up to the player. This will help show up the differences between characters.

That's what's on my mind right now. Soon I'll post some more up as I wrap my head around it a bit more.

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