Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quick system thoughts

Thinking on system here a bit.

Part of me wants to start with the ole' red box D&D and add in what I need and drop what I don't. It's really a nice simple system and if I don't dump to much in it can stay that way. However some folks around here won't play anything with the D&D part in there. Also I could wind up with some malformed system that only works for those who helped put it together.

Writing up my own system from the ground up. I really enjoy doing this except for one big problem. I never finish them. Got several half written systems laying around that I've tossed off to the side and never looked at again.

D6 Fantasy. I know the rules here and they aren't to complex. But I would have to rewrite the magic system all over because I don't like it. That and the system itself just doesn't have the appeal to me for fantasy like it does for other genre's.

I could also find something all new but this is unlikely. Digging through a game just for the system or hoping to download the gem of a free system from all the open systems out there isn't something I want to do.

Anybody got any suggestions (like anybody reads this)? Would like a simple task resolution system and quick combat. Some sort of social system would also be nice to see with all the politics that could insue.

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