Monday, April 12, 2010

Project X

Okay I've decided to incorporate a lot of the setting stuff that my friend Max Hattuer and I worked on a few years back. Most of it will fit right in. Originally our ideas started off as 'SLA Industries by Gaslight' but quickly went past that. We used to call it Project X. Here's a few notes on it, I will flesh it all out better in future posts.

Golems. Created by the Guild of Biological Sciences. They look human for the most part but tend to be a bit larger and more muscular. However their skin is covered in stich marks where it has been sewn together. The guild managed to figure out how to grow the creatures but not with skin on them, so it's grown seperately in 'sheets' and then stiched together and then onto them. They are the brainchild of the guild leader Shelley Frankenstien using some of her late Uncle Victors research notes. These will be a PC race.

Guild of the New Science. These are those who have decided to go a different direction in their scientific studies than the Biological or Steam Guilds. They are after real power, electrical power. Headed up my Prof. Tesla they power their section of the city with steady glowing electric lights and arm their most trusted constibles with Lightening Throwers.

The Church. They are the ruling class. Their Popes words are the laws of the land, and those who are closest to him help choose those words. But go against them and you may fall target to the Inquisition or the even to the Silence. So do what they tell you, go to your required sermons and pay your tithings and everything will be just fine.

More later.

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