Sunday, September 15, 2019

Jaded Gamer Diary - Consent in Gaming meltdowns

Okay it's been a really funny few days in the old online gaming communities. Monte Cook Games released a pdf called 'Consent in Gaming' and suddenly a bunch of fucking monkeys began throwing feces so fast it looked like a literal shit storm. Everybody from Tarnowski's little gathering of antisocial misfits to folks deep in the OSR movement were up in arms. I've never seen so many morons crying out how this was going to ruin gaming or that it's something the SJW folks are pushing on all of us to invade the hobby. I mean some really, REALLY, stupid shit was coming out of folks.

I never bothered reading the Consent in Gaming thing because... well because it came from Monte Cook Games and I don't ever bother to read anything they put out. But I got the general idea of it from between the screeching of angry basement boys. Really I don't see the need in using it because I do this wild crazy ass idea I call "talking to my players about the type of game I'm going to run beforehand" that has always worked really well for me.

But I did thing of an alternative that I think would work better. Instead of the players filling it out and the GM having to filter through five or six different peoples issues ON TOP of all the regular work they have to put into into a game.  Let's have the GM fill out a form which shows what kind of topics and issues will be in their game and then the players can read it and chose if they want to play or not. So the GM can run the kind of game they want and get the types of players who are okay with it while players can find the games they are suited for much easier as well.

I call this wild ass idea "Being up front with players on what your game is about".

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  1. Agree entirely, I just let the players know the sort of game I intend to run and then they can make an informed choice about whether it's for them or not.