Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Truly Rural on Drivethrurpg

Well I've finally went and done it.  Managed to get my hands on a scanner, scanned in some of my old artwork and sat up a seller account on Drivethrurpg.  So now I will be adding hopefully about two pictures a week up for sale.  All the while I'll be working through a sketchbook as I try to shake the rust off and get to creating some new art to put up there as well. 

You can find the Truly Rural Productions store on Drivethru right here.

Currently as I write this I only have six pieces of stock art up but I've got several scanned in ready to go over the next few weeks.  Not looking to strike it big but just hoping to add in a few extra bucks to my wallet from time to time. 

Now I also need to find more time to put up a few more blog posts on here as well.  But at least I've got the Jaded Gamer Diaries down for a good while. 

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