Saturday, February 8, 2014

New dice box

A few months ago I backed the Kickstarter set up by MS Clean LLC for their new clip shaped and sized gun cleaning kits. Meant for use by soldiers and firearm aficionados as it fits into the standard M-16 magazine pouches. I backe...d it at the level where I got the case without the kit... I had another idea for it.

This is my new dice box. More compact and it holds just what I need. Only thing I had to look at for a moment was the fact that standard sized D20's didn't fit, they were just a hair to tall. Eventually I discovered my solution. That D20 you see is from the old Red Box edition of Dungeons and Dragons. So the older size of the die seem to fit just perfectly. Along with a standard and mechanical pencil with a flash drive as well.
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Here is a link to the companies facebook page.  MS Clean LLC on Facebook

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