Saturday, November 5, 2011

Say what...?

Okay now this is a pretty petty thing for somebody to get pissed off about. From the G+ page of Gareth Skarka.

Comment on Twitter about a wuxia game that uses fortune cookies for character creation.

Fortune cookies.

A Japanese invention, popularized in America.

Fucking gamers.

Yeah so he's mad about somebody using fortune cookies for character creation because they aren't a Chinese creation (which is where wuxia originated) but Japanese and made overly popular by Americans. He doesn't mention anything at all about all the Chinese restaurants ran by actual Chinese people that give away fortune cookies.

Really sometimes GMS comes off with some things that I really think are intelligent and thinking outside of the box. Then there are time, like this, where I can do nothing more than facepalm about it.

Yeah we gamers are supposed to be of a higher morale fiber than to use a Japanese creation made popular in America and given out at Chinese restaurants because it is, I don't know insulting, to the Chinese. I don't see many Chinese cuisine sellers complaining about things like this though.

His post is public for anybody on the Plus that wants to see it.

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  1. What a crazy thing to criticize. Any Wuxia game that a western group plays is going to be as bastardized as a fortune cookie. By his logic, eating at a Chinese restaurant is also lame.