Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Freeform roleplaying system

Well now this is a real blast from the past. The date on the document says 2002. All I've changed was the contact email and converted it over into pdf.

This is the Freeform rpg system that I, and another person, worked on for a bit. Really rules light with some stuff built in to help reward good roleplaying and a bit to punish for bad gaming as well. Not sure if this version is different than the one that eventually appeared in the short lived 'Inner Voice' ezine I put out. From a quick glance over it appears complete though.

Also found a few other system notes in another file for additional rules and the logo design by my friend Jacinto Quesnel. Thinking about cleaning up those notes a bit and putting them up for download as well. I'll add the logo here on this post. I miss the days of working on stuff like this, just a few folks tossing ideas around and coming up with some basic stuff. Ah well... those were the days.

CLICK HERE to download the rules.

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