Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Truly Rural Movie Reviews

Just in case anybody following my blog is interested. Recently I started doing some movie reviews and putting them up on my site. Currently I've only got a handful up but more are on the was. Right now it looks like the scifi genre is ruling the day as the movie list so far is: Total Recall (2012), Transformers 3, Resident Evil: Retribution and Dredd. Not to mention the next one I'll be writing is for the classic scifi 'The Last Starfighter'.

So if you wish drop by and give them a read. Also added in G+ and FB buttons at the bottom of each. Oh and the Total Recall reviews as a NSFW picture at the bottom since people keep asking one question about that movie.


Oh and on occasion I also pick a selection of movies and let people vote for which one they want me to review. This is how The Last Starfighter ended up being my next review. Notices for future votes will be posted up on G+, FB, Twitter and here.

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