Saturday, September 22, 2012

Screams From the Outhouse - Asbestos Lurkers

Asbestos Lurkers.
An odd creature to run across usable in most modern day horror/supernatural games. 

These are evil spirits that have chosen to use the fibrous material that makes up the insulation of many homes. Not just the Asbestos based materials although the name has stuck with them among the circles of people who have had the misfortune of coming across these things. The long stretches of very flexible and light weight material make idea building blocks for their physical forms. Along with being aware of how the material is harmful to living creatures makes it all that much more tempting.

Typically they are found in old dilapidated buildings. The abandoned apartments and shopping complexes of the decaying sections of inner cities provide them with plenty of space and body material. They can lay themselves along the walls and ceilings, stretched out in every direction. Sections, like tendrils, hanging through openings as feelers for anything lurking by.

Before attacking they release a dust cloud of toxic particles, molds and anything else that happens to be within them. Choking anybody caught in it along with causing their eyes to burn and skin to itch severely. After this they move out into the open at an alarming fast rate wrapping around their victims attempting to immobilize and suffocate them. The fear and pain caused by their attacks is what they feed on. They live off the psychic suffering of others and the largest amount of this is released during death.

They are highly territorial and don't like anything being in their 'area'. Including other Lurkers. Fights between two of them usually end in one running away with most of it's mass gone. The bits are then added into that of the victor.

Fire does little damage to the actual fibers, however the paper along one side of it will catch fire. This not only risks setting the building on fire (given the state the building they inhabit are this is likely) but the smoke is more toxic than regular smoke and cause harm. Firearms do very little damage since they simply make a single hole and pass through with doing little damage. Whenever a section is torn or cut away it will stop being animated. But it can be pulled back into the mass and reattached rather easily.

The only way to destroy one is to tear apart the core of the creature. Of course this is easier said then done as this part of their 'body' is usually buried deep in the walls of the building. It consists of a tightly wound ball of the material about the size of a basket ball. Then at the very center is a walnut sized mass of organic material that once torn free will emit a deafening screaming sound before turning into dust.

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