Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MSNBC displays worst news reporting ever....

Read this article

Now I have no clue what it may say by the time you read this. Originally it said '25 to 30 bodies of children found in mass grave in Texas'. Then it changed to children are believed to be in the mass grave as well, then changed a few more times.

Not only that but it went from anonymous tipster to psychic. Bodies found to no bodies found. Area searched to no search warrant and no search done yet.

Yeah it's gone from nightmare fuel breaking news story to psychic says there are bodies buried there no search yet.

This has got to be the worst news reporting ever. MSNBC should issue apologies and admit they really screwed up. This should also show that you can never trust anything the put up as 'news'. The comments section of the article is a real mess because the first posts are response to 30 dead children FOUND, to psychic says bodies. So some folks are wondering where others are seeing what they read and all that.

Yeah. Gonna have to start up one of my old LiveJournal tags to file this one under. Welcome back 'stupid shit'.

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