Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Better Bacon Cheeseburger cooking tips.

The better bacon cheeseburger.

First off this tip only works if you have a wide grate grill. The thin bar grills don't seem to do to well since they don't retain a lot of the flavor from the bacon.

The best choice for maximum flavor when it comes to bacon (well in my opinion) is thick cut pepper bacon. Thick cut doesn't curl up nearly as much as the regular cut and it doesn't cook up into a incinerated crisp so easily.

First off prep your burgers before hand, shaped into patties and seasoned with whatever you like. Just keep them on the side in a pan, usually I keep my layered with wax paper to keep them from sticking together.

Heat up the grill to a low to medium heat, you want the bacon to cook for a bit on it. Once it's nice and hot cover the entire grill with a nice layer.

Flip it a few times and try to keep it from burning up. Watch for you hot spots and rotate out some of the lesser done bacon with what is cooking there. Now once you start getting some of it ready to come off get your burgers ready. As soon as you pull it off drop a burger right down in it's spot so it will soak up some of the bacon and pepper flavors. Of course it doesn't all get finished at once so keep it moving and remember which patties you put down first.

Cook the burgers like normal now and you're done. Add whatever you like to them. Personally I go with some cooked onions (I'll put up the tips for that later), Country Bobs and cheese. Of course your tastes will most likely differ.

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