Sunday, June 20, 2010

Urban Mage

Going through some old gaming stuff of mine. Here is something I need to return to one day. I was working on a more 'modern' spell caster for a cyberpunkish setting. An Urban Mage if you will. I wanted things that fit into the world he lived in. This is the basics of a spell list I had came up with.


Unlock: opens most key locks at first level, dead bolts at second, and on up in difficulty based on the type of lock used. The actual way it is used is by placing the fingertip on the lock itself. Diff = 0 for basic locks

Short out: causes electrical devices to short out. This can cause security cameras to stop working and other such things. To humans it feels more like a simple static electric shock.

Start up: a modified version of the short out spell. This allows the caster to start vehicles or other electronically triggered objects.

Musical accompaniment: This causes a memorized song to be heard by those around you. The source appears to be from the air two feet above you.

Cleansing: This is used to remove dirt, grunge, etc from clothing and from the body as well. Simply by gliding the hand across the area that needs to be cleaned.

Electrical discharge: Much like the common lightening bolt except it draws power from nearby electrical sources. Such as streetlights, local buildings, this is also very flashy due to the fact that most lights will burst and so will several other objects when drawn from.

City vision: This allows you to see things such as security beams, infrared lasers and other such things, which are increasingly growing in numbers in urban areas.

Illuminate: Much like a normal light spell, with the exception that it appears as a headlight shining out of whatever object it is cast upon.

Camera sight: Allows the caster to see through nearby video cameras.

Money on the street: The caster will find or acquire a sum of money by sheer luck within a few seconds after casting. The amount depends upon how successful the roll is and how many points were put into the casting. Examples – Find a wallet on the street with no identification but a few bills still folded inside, cause a ball at the roulette table hit the number that you are betting on.

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